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PostHeaderIcon Educational Management

Given the results that currently have some universities, especially public interest in our analysis, seriously concerned to reconstruct how it is managed, how it has affected results favorable to the State, considering the low academic performance are occurring, where the absence of academic excellence is a given for both undergraduate and for postgraduate.

At many universities, the authorities they forget that according to UNESCO:

a. Education is a fundamental right of human beings and has a universal human value.
b. The formal and informal, must itself be useful to society by providing an instrument to encourage the creation, advancement and dissemination of knowledge and science, putting the knowledge and education to everyone.
c. A three concerns of equity, relevance and excellence must guide all education policy.
d. The renewal of education and accordingly all, must rest on a reflective and profound analysis of the information.
e. Take into account the fundamental values ​​and concerns for which there are agreements within the international community: human rights, tolerance, etc..
f. Responsibility for education rests with society as a whole. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon The Media and School

The fact that we are witnessing a phenomenon of society dominated by or from the media, whose most visible manifestation is a continuous evolution and renovation of the messages, confronts us with a kind of reflection that must necessarily be multifaceted. We are moving from the era of mechanized reproduction of cybernetic systems. Based on the ability to manipulate images and sounds that provide techniques such as scanning, computer graphics, holography, and so on., We are witnessing not only a technological but specific changes they produce effects that a clear impact on our cultural perceptions and experiential.
Innovation in school

The players often develop a unique educational sensitivity in relation to changes in the sociological reality, technological and political. This sensitivity or reaction conditions the way to capture such phenomena in classrooms. The real educational innovation has to do with ethics that teachers bring into play to resolve the moral dilemmas posed by their profession.

These new approaches necessarily affect the search for new roles to be played by the audiovisual media in teaching. Its possible contribution to innovation lies not in better information, but encourage new teaching strategies. It is necessary to establish its non-integration into the curriculum development process is, from a cultural point of view, a serious break with reality existing outside the classroom. It is not possible to analyze this phenomenon solely as a technical problem or structural. Its significance goes beyond the fact of having or not with media in the school and its corresponding material passing through. We are talking about the media, outside the classroom, continuously transmit social behavior patterns, attitudes, values, habits, priorities informative, but also narrative structures, ways of organizing information or symbols with a universal vocation. Therefore contribute significantly to shape the way we learn to understand the world in which we live. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Home School – What Are The 10 advantages of educating children at home?

In recent years there has been a very important educational phenomenon with implications of which not everyone is aware.
It is the movement of “homeschooling,” or home school. Thousands of parents, initially in the U.S. and then in the rest of the world have decided to withdraw their children from educational institutions in order to educate themselves at home.

If instead the number of children are being educated at home today is irrelevant – in the U.S. are no more than 1 to 2% – the results obtained are.

We have seen that children who are “homeschooling”:
– Are 2 to 3 courses more advanced than their peers of the same age.
– They are very creative.
– Know analyze situations, solve problems and make decisions.
– Be able to adapt to the demands of the real world.
– They have initiative.
– Motif
– Make projects designed for them.
– They are natural leaders in a group context.
– DO NOT have socialization problems. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Spiritual Intelligence

Contemporary life has become increasingly complex and problematic, which is why most people must face constant challenges, perceptible and imperceptible threats and deal with unusual situations. Substantive capacity to determine its mode of operation is intelligence, understood as the tool to intellection, detect, and plan actions to realize consistent. Classically, this ability is understood as the intellectual power, the collection of information flow and a good imagination to interpret reality and plan consistent solutions. In a very general could penarse a good formal education provides these elements and thus the person would be prepared to successfully in life. In somewhat more specific terms can be assumed that the case would be the prototype of the professional university, who with the kind of education and had agreed to such a degree of training that can make for your personal development, social and emotional development. While all this is true, the demands of life in recent times has shown that it is absolutely true. In other words, it takes more than a good formal education and the possession of one kind of intelligence is understood in ordinary terms.

Then immediately the question arises, what is more? Among the most characteristic responses that have been given is that which speaks of “other types of intelligence.” In this context, have introduced the concepts of multiple intelligences (1), emotional intelligence (2), practical intelligence (3) and spiritual intelligence (4). Basically, the thrust that propels these alternatives is to rescue all dimensions and capacities of human beings seen that intellectual ability alone is not sufficient to achieve satisfactory performance vital And what are those other existential dimensions and carrying capacities? It may be mentioned by way of illustrative examples, the communication capacity, maturity, imagination, creative, intuitive perception, relational warmth and spontaneous generosity, among others. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Learning Science in The Digital Age

On many occasions, as has been felt throughout the history of humanity are woven high hopes and expectations with the beginning of a new millennium and the beginning of this century is no exception. The second half of the twentieth century, with its load of questions of positive science, said the gestation of a change in thinking, that although it was slow and went unnoticed at first, experienced more rapidly toward its end, which was seeping into the structures secular modernist thought – in the same way as the revival of medieval thought pierced – making shaken to its foundations. There is a new way of thinking, considering the man and his society, if you want more subjective, more chaotic and complex, where the individual seeks, with some desperation, liberty with equality.

This way of thinking or way of seeing and trying to understand the subject has been called postmodernism, which has been considered by different thinkers who interpret, Gradowska (2004), as “a disaster of our culture …” (p.15) . This is not the idea present in the research is considered as a re-think the postmodern man in this new century and a challenge from its epistemological foundations of existing science. Perez rightly so Lindo (1996), quoted in Gradowska (op.cit), when it states that “change the world is not a crisis or a series of crises. We can understand it better as a mutation, or a change in the very essence of civilization “(p.149). Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon 4 Online Degrees Relevant to a Legal Career

4 Online Degrees Relevant to a Legal CareerThe costs of law school stand higher than an undergraduate education. Countless prospective students and undergrads carry the same concerns when considering a legal career. Why invest in a field where the costs of upper education crush students financially?

When considering higher education you must set financial short and long term goals, especially pertaining to law school.

Online education offers related legal associate and bachelor degrees. The online path presents a healthy financial alternative for individuals who eventually will want to invest in the pricey law schools. Spending less tuition costs for an undergraduate degree will make law school more affordable.

What are the online degrees offered that could lead to legal careers?

1. Paralegal Degree

This Associate degree provides the direct route to a legal job. You can work in any law firm with this education. Gain the valuable experience working under an attorney that will help shape and determine your path to law school.

This work experience provides a resource for law school letters of recommendation and connections. This degree will appeal to persons considering a legal career.

2. Legal Studies

Yet again this online degree, offered through courses at South University, applies to an individual wanting to become a lawyer. The online courses provide you with the background, method of thinking and reasoning, and other tools necessary to compete in the competitive and cut throat legal world.

It’s highly suggestible for a person considering law school to focus on a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies.

3. Psychology

A person with a background in psychology makes a wonderful candidate for law school. The study of the mind establishes an excellent connection and perspective for a potential lawyer. In this program your critical analysis skills learned will prepare you well for law school.

Understanding the way the mind works adds an advantage to any career.

4. Criminal Justice

What drives the law? Justice. Most attorneys want to seek justice. They want to help others, make the wrongs right, and do whatever capable through the power of the legal system to bring about justice.

A large percentage of lawyers first worked in law enforcement. A career in law enforcement offers a great foundation for potential attorneys. The knowledge learned from police work lends an upper hand to prospective law students.

Seeking an associate or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice would set you up for a start in law enforcement.

All of the detailed higher education degrees advance your career in the legal field. Whether you want to establish a legal career or aspire to law school, these programs help your cause.

Online education saves you the money needed for expensive law school. Creating the long term financial goals that include undergrad and grad school allows you handle the expenses. No one have over 100,000 dollars in debt. That’s an unthinkable and ridiculous burden for any person. Online undergrad programs, such as offered at South University Savannah, alleviate finances. You can’t let college prices suppress or control your career and life.

PostHeaderIcon Science Degrees with Growing Job Opportunities

Science Degrees with Growing Job OpportunitiesEducational expenses and staggering unemployment scares potential college graduates when searching for a job. It’s important for individuals to focus on degrees with new job growth and opportunity.

In today’s economy with the number of PhD graduates jobless, it’s scary to think that education doesn’t always lead to a secure job and income. Perhaps it’s time to research the best fields for study?

Before choosing the right university and course of study you need to conduct the necessary research for growing job opportunities. Technology and science remain two areas with job availability and growth.

Health and Fitness

The business of health and fitness thrives. The number of gyms/fitness centers within a 5 mile radius of my apartment goes into double digits. The need for healthier, fit, more active lifestyles is at an all-time high.

There’s more time and money invested in nutrition for eating well, personal trainers, gym memberships, sports, and overall personal wellness than you could imagine.

Do you enjoy sports, exercise, eating healthy, and the way the body works?Then consider a B.S. in Kinesiology. A kinesiology degree is an excellent option for studying health science.

Busy professionals don’t have the time to research and invest in leading healthy lives. They want an educated professional who will provide that service for them. People will pay to look good and feel better about their personal health choices. The job path is expansive with a kinesiology degree.

With this focus of study you won’t be struggling to find a job like so many of those unfortunate liberal arts majors. A career in kinesiology offers you interesting options for success.

Attractive Science Graduate Degrees

Alternative choices for furthering your education with a graduate degree are available. Even though PhD graduates encounter extreme challenges in the job market, other graduate degrees, especially in the sciences offer attractive benefits.

A Master of Biotechnology degree offers a chance for scientists who express interests in business management the opportunity to expand their knowledge and education. The biotechnology degree includes a joint study focused on business and sciences that provide students with a well-rounded education and an advantage when applying for jobs.

Certain programs allow for part-time attendance for working professionals. This flexibility may be perfect for the individual who doesn’t want to sacrifice working full time to pursue the biotechnology degree. This opens more doors for biotechnology career options.

Pursuing a graduate degree in any field will boost your resume, skills, and knowledge. Education remains the key to career success. The right learning environment instills you with the tools and correct thought process when confronting any work.

Educational costs may deter or derail your career choices, but there are plenty of ways to deal with them. Student loans, grants, and tuition reimbursement are factors to consider. If you are a proven and valuable employee then companies will want to invest in your education and skill development.

When considering a career not only find a focus of study that you’ll enjoy, but consider the job opportunities in that field as well.